This Digital Research Repository includes the intellectual research output of the academics, scholars and students of the University of Vavuniya. The repository was intended to aid in the dissemination and preservation of digital content created by members of University of Vavuniya. It also serves as an online archive to raise the visibility and impact of our groundbreaking work across various disciplines.

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  • Rukshan, A.; Baravalle, A. (University of East London, UK, 2011-01-01)
    Web usability arose as research field at the very beginning of the Internet era. The term "Internet" was formally defined in October 1995; nevertheless Nielsen wrote his first article on web usability in May 1995, and ...
  • Rukshan, A.; Baravalle, A. (University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka, 2012-11-30)
    Web usability is continuing to be a pressing problem. For number of years researchers have been developed tools for doing automatic web usability testing. This study uses our own PHP, and MySQL based tool AWebHUT: Automated ...
  • Rukshan, A.; Rukshan, P.; Mahesan, S. (SEUSL, 2013-07-07)
    It is a long term desire of the computer users to minimize the communication gap between the computer and a human. On the other hand, almost all ICT applications store information in to databases and retrieve from them. ...
  • Rukshan, A.; Miroshan, A. (Faculty of Management Studies and Commerce, University of Jaffna, 2014-05-16)
    Dengue is a notifiable communicable disease in Sri Lanka since 1996. Dengue fever spread rapidly among people living in most of the districts of Sri Lanka. The present notification system of dengue communicable diseases ...
  • Rukshan, A.; Thompson, N.; Murray, D. (ACM, 2017-04-04)
    Adapting web pages to cultural preferences has been shown to improve communication effectiveness. However, the lack of a set of research-based web design guidelines or best practices renders the creation of culturally ...

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